Meet OptiMatcher


The problem of matching, which is used for various purposes in computer science, usually comes about through a supply and demand matching. For example, computer resources match those that claim these computer resources.

The OptiMatcher is a product that does optimal matching and that matches a pair of data from different worlds in a specific category.

The difference between the OptiMatcher and other similar products is that it can work in coordination with our other products. For example, between Optisegment and clustered data or clusters; it can match with data that is scored and sorted at the same time.

Matching problems can be thought of as a graph problem in general. That is, the intended matching process is modeled with a graph and through this model, the possibilities offered by graph theory are utilized. Optimatcher has been developed using all of these mapping algorithms and graph models (hungarian algorithm etc.)

We also provide a machine learning environment while providing you with this service. Thus, OptiMatcher can serve not only a specific area, but also every field by easily adapting to your company data.



Areas Of Usage


Based on the needs of your business, OptiMatcher can be used in every field your data is available, especially in advertising and product advice. Therefore, you can use it for banking, insurance, transportation, tourism, retail, education and in many other places.



Product: Thanks to OptiMatcher product data scoring, sorting and finally matching, you can match your products to the most accurate customers.


Advertisement: You can determine which of your customers are better suited to your products, and present your ads especially to the customers you specify.


The OptiMatcher can be adapted to any area you want, not just product-client, ad-client mapping. For example, you can match someone who is looking for a job with someone who works for you or your company. This allows you to keep both product and employee productivity high.



Ways Of Using OptiMatcher


Usage 1


You can download our application and use it on your own computers. Therefore you do not have to share your data with us.



Usage 2


You can use it on our online platform. You can use our matching software by uploading your data on Optimatcher. The only thing to note here is that your data is uploaded in the correct format. Thus, Optimatcher can easily provide you with matching results with/using machine learning algorithms.


OptiMatcher Packets



Package 1


Download and use/Install and use package: Only the annual license fee is paid, and the application can be downloaded and used on the data or the data can be uploaded on the web and the application is run.


Annual license fee: $ 150



Package 2


Package 1 + Installation package: One of our specialists installs a customized version for your customized company data. The installation is usually completed in one day and a fee of $ 300 is charged. There may be additional extensions for installation in complicated situations. It is also expected that the permission to access your data and the technical details have been specified during installation.


Package 2 total fee: $ 50 per year license + $ 300 per day installation fee.



Package 3


Customized development: This packet identifies specific problems for you, analyzes your data and develops customized statistical and machine learning models tailored to you. The results are produced specifically for you and the error rates are much lower. In addition, many problems that your business needs solutions for can be solved at the same time.


You can get pricing information for Package 3 by communicating with us.